Teaching the Art of Unleashing Maximum Potential in Personal and Professional Goals

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Countess Cooper is an award winning performer, speaker, military chaplain and coach.

As a transformational coach, she helps people reach their highest potential, build confidence, lead high performing teams and enhance their spiritual readiness.

With her military experience as an officer, her career in the federal government and her 40-year love affair with sacred music and ordained ministry, she is an expert in personal development and spiritual transformation.

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

Unleash Your God-Given Potential

Helps participants find their purpose, follow their passion so they can unleash their full God-Given potential.

Building a High Performing Team

Helps leaders develop skills that enable them to tap into the synergy of their teams to realize maximum results.

Embracing Diversity

Helps participants increase their cultural awareness and competence to notice, appreciate and embrace a wide range of diversity.

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